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  • Dried Organic Portabella Mushrooms

    4 or 16 ounces

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    Actually mature cremini mushrooms, portobellos (aka portabellas) are extremely large flat-capped mushrooms with a firm, meaty texture and a full flavor.  They are often sliced prior to being cooked or added to salads.

    Dried portobello slices are versatile and convenient.  They will keep in your pantry for a year or longer, they rehydrate easily in boiling water, and once reconstituted can then be cooked in stir fry dishes, added to salads, or otherwise used as you would fresh portobello slices. 

    Dried mushrooms are a great value. It takes about 5 pounds of fresh mushrooms to create 8 ounces of dried mushrooms.

    Dried organic cremini mushrooms (slices) are also available.



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    Storage: Store dried portobello mushrooms in an air-tight container or zip top bag in a cool, dry, dark cupboard.

    Shelf Life: Dried mushrooms will retain their flavor for at least a year, but likely far longer.

    Recipes & Tips
    For most recipes you’ll want to reconstitute portobella slices before cooking with them. 

    How to Reconstitute Dried Mushrooms

    You can also add dried portobello slices directly to simmering soups, stews, or braising dishes and rehydrate them during the cooking process.

    Once rehydrated portobellos are great in stir fried dishes, sautés or added to sauces.Their flavor works well with steaks, chops, poultry, seafood, cheese, pasta, polenta, garlic, lemon, wine and grilled vegetables.

    Recipes Suitable for Any Mushroom Variety