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  • Dried Morel Mushrooms

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    Morel mushrooms have a honeycombed, hollow, cone-shaped cap from 1 to 3 inches high. They grow naturally in a range of colors from tan to almost-black. Morels are one of the most prized and beloved wild mushroom varieties. People go wild for their buttery-earthy flavor and aroma.

    Unfortunately, their fresh season is fleeting, lasting roughly from May to July. Dried morels allow you to enjoy the flavor and beautiful appearance of morel mushrooms year round, and they’re very easy to rehydrate & cook with.

    Dried mushrooms are a great value. It takes about 5 pounds of fresh mushrooms to create 8 ounces of dried mushrooms. In addition, they can be shipped much more affordably than fresh or frozen mushrooms.



    Choose from 2oz or 16oz packs


    Sustainably Hand Foraged
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    Pacific Northwest, USA
    Storage: Store dried morel mushrooms in an air-tight container or zip top bag in a cool, dry, dark cupboard.

    Shelf Life: Dried mushrooms will retain their flavor for at least a year, but likely far longer.

    Recipes & Tips

    Once rehydrated/reconstituted, dried morels can be used similarly to fresh morels in all manner of recipes.  Morels should always be cooked prior to consumption.

    Morels work wonderfully in dishes both simple and complicated.  Making a delicious mushroom side dish is as easy as sautéing them in butter with a little salt and pepper (butter sautéed morels recipe). 

    Butter sautéing is also a great first step if you want to use morels in salads.  Cook them, then chill them (if desired) before tossing with the salad greens and/or other ingredients of your choice (morel & beet salad recipe).

    Try pairing morel mushrooms with asparagus, garlic, lamb, wild spring produce (fiddlehead ferns or ramps), caraway seeds, bacon, fish (especially wild salmon), eggs (scrambled, omelettes, baked eggs, frittatas), cream, parmesan cheese, other wild mushrooms and gruyere.

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