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  • Organic Fennel Pollen

    1 ounce

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    So, what is fennel pollen?

    Fennel pollen is an intensely flavorful and aromatic spice. It adds a bold, yet pleasing dimension to most any dish. Fennel seeds may be a better known culinary tool, but they cannot compare to the intensity of flavor or fragrance of the pollen.

    The fennel plant grows on the sunny inland and coastal fields of California. The flowers are hand collected at the peak of bloom, carefully dried, and screened for the pollen.


    1oz tin

    Features: Wild Crafted
    Hand Collected

    Store fennel pollen in its tin, away from moisture.

    Pollen Shelf Lives:
    Cool, Dry Cupboard: Up to 2 Years
    Well-Sealed in Refrigerator: Up to 5 Years
    Frozen: Far longer
    Recipes & Tips

    Fennel pollen has a very bold taste and aroma. It enhances flavors and adds a pleasing dimension to seafood, beef, lamb, poultry, and vegetables. Fennel pollen is used to neutralize unwanted flavors and odors and to tease out the essence of other ingredients. It is an all natural herb that can be added to any dressing or marinade. It's perfect for red and white sauces.

    Fennel Pollen Recipes

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