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  • Italian Organic Integrale Rice

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    Integrale rice is an Italian brown risotto rice. Like all risotto rice varieties, slow cooking integrale rice on the stove top with multiple infusions of stock causes it to absorb the stock’s flavor and release starch into the pan, thickening the remaining stock into an incredibly delicious sauce.

    However, because the outer bran is left on, the finished risotto has a nuttier brown rice flavor, distinct grains, and a little more chew to its finished texture. The bran also includes additional nutrients not found in white risotto rice.

    This integrale rice has been certified organic by BioAgriCert S.r.l. in Europe. 

    For help deciding which risotto rice to buy, check out our Guide to Risotto Rice.



    2.2lb box


    Certified Organic
    Vacuum Packed Within Each Box



    Storage: Store Italian integrale rice in a cool, dry place in a sealed container.

    Shelf Life: Though it will last far longer, you’ll enjoy organic integrale at its absolute best by consuming it within a month of opening each box.

    Recipes & Tips
    Integrale brown rice can be used similarly to Arborio, carnaroli, and vialone nano rice to make delicious brown rice risotto. It will likely take a little bit longer to cook than other varieties.

    Classic risotto pairings include fine seafood, parmigiano reggiano cheese, fresh truffles and truffle oil.

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