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  • Italian Organic Arborio Rice

    22 pounds

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    Arborio rice is a starchy Italian white rice that is best slowly cooked into risotto, a sort of creamy savory rice porridge (though that description hardly does it justice). Though Arborio is the variety most associated with this famous dish, many Italians feel carnaroli, and vialone nano rice produce even better results.

    For help deciding which risotto rice to buy, check out our Guide to Risotto Rice.

    Grown in Italy, this Arborio is top quality, consisting of carefully selected whole (unchipped) grains of rice. Their brilliant white color is the result of being expertly polished (pearled) rather than any sort of chemical bleaching. This process also leaves more of the grains’ natural starch content intact for an even creamier risotto. It carries the USDA Organic seal, and has been certified organic by BioAgriCert S.r.l. in Europe.



    Ten 2.2lb boxes (22lbs total)


    Certified Organic
    Vacuum Packed Within Each Box



    Storage: Store Italian arborio rice in a cool, dry place in a sealed container.

    Shelf Life: Though it will last far longer, you’ll enjoy organic arborio at its absolute best by consuming it within a month of opening each box.

    Recipes & Tips
    Classic risotto pairings include fine seafood, parmigiano reggiano cheese, fresh truffles and truffle oil. Try using the risotto method with other liquids (often milk) sugar and dessert flavors (like vanilla beans) to turn arborio rice into fabulous rice pudding!

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