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  • Maple Flakes

    4 ounces

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    Product Info

    Crafted from pure maple syrup (nothing else), these tiny, crispy flakes have a delightfully sweet maple flavor.  They can be used as a finishing ingredient, a low calorie sweetener (with half the calories of sugar – approx. 7.5 per tsp) or garnish for a wide variety of sweet or savory applications.

    These flakes are produced by dehydrating maple syrup in a vacuum at a low temperature, then grinding & sifting the resulting pieces to reach the perfect chip size.  They will not clump or cake.

    * No Chemical Ingredients


    Size: 4oz jar
    Features: All Natural*
    Origin: Quebec, Canada
    Ingredients: Pure Maple Syrup

    Storage: Store maple flakes in their jar in a cool, dry place.

    Shelf Life: Up to four years unopened and two years after opening, depending on storage conditions.
    Recipes & Tips
    Use maple flakes as a garnish, finishing touch or sweetener for desserts, breakfasts (hot cereal, banana or blueberry flavored waffles, etc), sweet potatoes, poultry or salads (especially those featuring walnuts, pecans or pears).