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  • Long Pepper

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    Long pepper (aka Java pepper, bi bo, thippili, pippali, tieu lop) was the first pepper widely used in Europe. Its popularity waned with the discovery of black peppercorns, and it is now considered an exotic, unusual spice. It is still found in some Indian pickle recipes and the cuisines of Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Though it smells more mild and sweet than black peppercorns, long pepper is actually hotter, with a hint of sweetness.

    Long pepper also has a long history of use as a medicinal spice in the Ayurvedic tradition (often in tandem with ginger), where it is commonly associated with longevity.


    Size: 16oz jar
    Features: 16oz Size In Quart-Size Resealable Jar with Flip-Top Lid
    Store spices in their jar in a cool, dark cupboard. If grinding, do so just prior to use as pre-ground spices lose flavor and aroma over time.
    Recipes & Tips

    Whole long pepper can be used in brines, marinades, and pickling solutions.

    How to Quick Pickle
    How to Brine Meat & Poultry

    Gently toast long pepper in a dry pan prior to grinding for stronger flavor. If grinding in a peppermill you may have to break it into smaller pieces first.

    Once ground, use as you would black pepper, it's particularly good in curries.

    How to Grind Whole Spices
    Spice Recipes

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