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  • Sudachi Juice

    12 ounces

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    Sudachi fruits are a rare Japanese citrus variety cultivated primarily in Japan’s Tokushima prefecture.  It is a close cousin of Yuzu, and likewise thought to be a papeda-mandarin hybrid, but offers a distinctly different flavor and aroma. 

    Sudachi’s flavor is has a lime-esque start and a savory finish evoking pepper and cumin.  It is quite tart and has a roughly similar acid content to lemons while being slightly more acidic than yuzu juice and considerably more acidic than kabosu juice.

    “Niban shibori” sudachi juice is from the second pressing of the fruit.  This makes it less intense, more affordable, and more approachable than the first pressing.  It is an excellent choice for home cooks.

    This juice is unfiltered, but pasteurized to make it shelf stable before opening.

    *No Chemical Ingredients.



    12oz bottle


    Niban Shibori (2nd Pressing)
    All Natural*
    Not from Concentrate


    Tokushima Prefecture, Japan


    100% Sudachi Juice
    Storage: Store unopened sudachi juice in a cool, dark cupboard. After opening, the bottle should be kept in your refrigerator.

    Shelf Life: Up to one year unopened, four months opened.
    Recipes & Tips
    Sudachi juice can be used similarly to lime or lemon juice in a wide variety of recipes including sauces, marinades, cocktails, desserts and more.  It pairs particularly well with vinegars and seafood.  Try using it in ceviche and guacamole to take old favorites in new directions.

    Sudachi Juice Recipes
    Cocktail Recipes

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