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  • Pistachio Cream

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    Pistachio cream (Fior Di Pistacchio) is a light green nut cream made from Sicilian pistachios.  The recipe is derived from a pistachio cream the monks of Assisi have been making for over sixty years.   All the pistachios used are harvested in Sicily’s Bronte region and roasted within 24 hours of harvest.

    This product has a beautiful color and a smooth, creamy consistency that is slightly chunky (spread throughout are tiny bits of pistachio).  Its flavor is creamy and nutty, with a pronounced frosting-like sweetness.  It can be enjoyed as a decadent spread and as a filling or topping for desserts..

    This pistachio cream won the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade’s (NASFT) gold award for Outstanding Jam, Preserve, Honey or Nut Butter in 2012.

    Ingredients: Pistachios (25%), sugar, vegetable fats, milk powder, soy lecithin (emulsifying agent), aromas.


    Size: 7.4oz jar
    Origin: Italy

    Storage: Store unopened pistachio cream in a cool, dark place (away from the sun).  Once opened it should be stored in your refrigerator.

    When chilled, pistachio cream will thicken. To re-soften, simply leave it out of the refrigerator for a few minutes before use.

    Shelf Life: Up to 11 months before opening, up to 60 days after opening.

    Recipes & Tips
    Spread pistachio cream on cookies (especially shortbread), crackers or toast.  Use it to top ice cream or as a filling for sandwich cookies, macarons, cannoli or other desserts.

    Pistachio Cream Recipes

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