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  • Green Eston Lentils

    2 - 10 pounds

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    Qty: 2lbs 10lbs
    1-4 $10$18

    Product Info

    With more fiber than most other lentils, eston green lentils hold their shape exceptionally well.

    The lentil, the dried seed of a small shrub, is an ancient staple in southern Asia that has been consumed for over 8,000 years. Besides possessing a mild earthy flavor of their own, lentils take on flavors well and have extremely high levels of protein (26%) and iron. When mixed with grains (traditionally rice) on the same plate, the resulting meal provides complete plant-based protein.

    *Kosher: 10 lb size is marked kosher. Smaller packages are not currently marked kosher (but are certified).

    Size: Choose 2lb jars or 10lb bags

    Lentils should be stored in a cool, dry place until needed.

    Recipes & Tips

    As a group, lentils pair well with garlic, onions, vinegar (sherry or wine), mint, olive oil, citrus, and sausages.

    How to Cook Lentils
    Bean & Lentil Recipes

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