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  • Dill Pollen

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    The perfect gift for that dill lover in your life, all natural dill pollen is a potent, crisp alternative to dill powder or seeds. Dill pollen has been hand-harvested from the flowers of the dill plant, and should be added near the end of the cooking process to preserve its complex flavor and aroma. Dill pollen also keeps better than fresh dill, and has a better flavor than freeze-dried dill leaves.


    1oz tin


    Store dill pollen in its tin, away from moisture.

    Pollen Shelf Lives:
    Cool, Dry Cupboard: Up to 2 Years
    Well-Sealed in Refrigerator: Up to 5 Years
    Frozen: Far longer
    Recipes & Tips

    The most common pairing with dill is, of course, fish, particularly salmon. Also try sprinkling dill pollen on potatoes, or using it in your next cucumber dish. Remember, like many fresh herbs, dill pollen should be added near the end of the recipe in order to appreciate the full effect.

    Heirloom Tomato Salad with Dill Pollen Recipe

Recipes from our kitchen

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