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  • Coconut Sugar

    22 ounces - 10 pounds

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    Qty: 22oz 10lbs
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    Coconut sugar (aka gula maleka) isn’t coconut flavored sugar. Instead, it is natural sugar made from the sweet sap produced by flower buds on the coconut palm tree. The sap is boiled down into a syrup, then evaporated until it forms granules.

    Coconut sugar is an unrefined sugar and a low-glycemic index sugar. It is an uneven light to dark brown color and has a texture similar to brown sugar with large lumps. Coconut sugar’s earthy, nutty, sweet taste is more mild than that of other palm sugars.

    Size: Choose 22oz jar or 10lb bag

    Store coconut palm sugar in a cool, dry place.

    Recipes & Tips

    Coconut sugar can be used like traditional sugar (particularly brown sugar) in most recipes. Though coconut sap sugar is most commonly used in south-east Asian desserts, it is also found in curry and soup recipes from that part of the world.

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