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  • Butternut Squash Seed Oil

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    Butternut squash seed oil has a buttery, nutty, toasted flavor and a golden color.  It makes a delicious finishing oil, cooking oil, marinade ingredient or salad dressing component.  It can also be used as an ingredient in baked goods. 

    Butternut squash seed oil is high in healthy mono & polyunsaturated fats, vitamin A and vitamin E.  It has a fairly similar saturated fat content to peanut oil – roughly a third as much as butter.

    Butternut seed oil has a high smoke point (425˚F), so it can be used as a cooking oil for high-heat cooking methods like stir frying, sautéing & grilling.

    The seeds used in the production of this oil are collected from non-GMO squash pre-cleaned & cut for sale in grocery stores.  Before being pressed for their oil, the seeds are carefully roasted in small batches to bring out their full flavor.  Because squash seeds yield such a small amount of oil (20% of their weight), each bottle contains the seeds of 10 or more squash.

    This oil is produced using a zero waste process.  The remaining seedcake from the expeller is actually used in premium pig feed, while the filtration byproducts are turned into exfoliants in handmade bar soaps.



    6.3oz bottle


    From 100% Non-GMO Squash Seeds
    Expeller Pressed
    Lightly Filtered


    New York


    Butternut Squash Seeds
    Storage: Store butternut squash seed oil in a cool, dark, dry place.  Though you can continue to store it in a cool, dark, dry place after opening, the shelf life will be longer if it is refrigerated.

    Shelf Life:
    Up to 1 year unopened.  Use within four months of opening for best quality (longer if refrigerated).
    Recipes & Tips
    Use butternut squash seed oil as a finishing oil, cooking oil, salad oil (try it in vinaigrettes!), dipping oil, in marinades or as an ingredient in baked goods.  For an unusual dessert, try drizzling it over ice cream.  For a tasty snack, try it on popcorn instead of butter.

    It’s delicious mixed into mashed potatoes, polenta and vegetable purees instead of butter or drizzled over hot soup just before serving.

    Butternut squash seed oil's flavor pairs particularly well with meats (especially grilled), fish, sea scallops, corn, multigrain bread, green beans, Brussels sprouts, spinach, squash, cauliflower, avocado, papaya, or mango.

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